Romantic Dates

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No Talking

Go on a date where neither of you can communicate verbally (this might not be too hard in some situations).

Wild Flowers

Go on a scenic drive and collect wild flowers. Click above for more info.

Classic Movie Night

Nothing’s more romantic than a classic romance. A few sure-fire recommendations: Casablanca, Roman Holiday, Some Like It Hot and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Click above for info on local movie rental locations.

Poetry Reading

These can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a poem you can go up and read.

Candlelight Dinner

Make or buy dinner and have it in a secluded place by candlelight.

Scenic Drive

Go on a scenic drive in the mountains. Click above for more info.

Candlelight dinners

Even if you can only cook one thing well, you’ve got it made. Pasta or steaks are easy and sure bets (although I don’t eat steak anymore). A good dessert tops it off well. The candles are a nice touch. Pick some flowers too. Most women love a man who can cook, especially for them.

Go For A Walk

Believe it or not, going for a walk at night can be really romantic...give it a try.

Ice Skating

Take your date ice skating it is a great way to initiate contact. Click above for more info.

Elf Date

There is a part in the movie ELF where Buddy (Will Ferrell) writes out an agenda on an etch-a-sketch for a day with his dad. The list includes making snow angels, going ice skating, eat as much tollhouse cookie dough as you can, and then snuggling.

Watch The Sunrise

Get up early and watch the sunrise together.

Horse Carriage Ride

Go on a horse carriage ride up at temple square.

Cozy Read

Read a book in front of a fire or snuggled up in the blankets.

Hike The Y

Hike the Y. If you hike it at night time, lie upside down and view the valley lights. If in th morning, watch the sunset.