Educational Dates

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Create Your Own Ceramics

Try your hand at ceramics at Color Me Mine in Provo where you get to paint and design your own stlye.

Model Car/Plane

Buy a model car or plane kit and make it together!

Soap/Wood Carving

Have a soap or wood carving contest. If you use wood be sure to get a soft wood so it can be easily carved.

Bow and Arrow

Go into the woods and get flexible sticks. Get bailing twine or some kind of strong small rope and make bows. Then have target practice with them.

Wild Flowers

Go on a scenic drive and collect wild flowers. Click above for more info.

Poetry Reading

These can be a lot of fun, especially if you have a poem you can go up and read.

Take a Tour

Take your date on a local tour. Click above for more info on Tours & Sightseeing.

Arts & Museums

Take your date to a local Museum or Art Gallery. Click above for more info.


Go to a local planetarium and learn about the stars or just go star gazing at night. Click above for more info.

Theme Park

Go to a water park, the zoo or dinosaur park. Click above for more info.

Test Drive Cars

Go to a dealership and test drive a car you've been eying. If you want to spice it up a bt act like you are engaged or married.

Parks & Gardens

Go to a local park or garden and walk around. Click above to find a local park or garden.

Share Pictures

Look through each others photo albums and get to know one another better.

Ring Shopping

Pretend like you are getting married and go shop for rings.

People Watch

Go people watching and just observe how people act around each other.

Learn Something New

Learn to do something you have never done before with your will bring your together.

Kennecott Copper Mines Tour

Take the tour up by the point of the mountain.

Historic Cemetery

Visit the cemetery in downtown Salt Lake where a number of prominent LDS leaders are buried.


Visit Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City. Click above for more details.

Airplane Tour

Go to the Hill Airforce Base north of Salt Lake and see some old and new war planes.

Bird Watching

Get a book at the library and then go bird watching.

Car Work

Work on the car. Learn or teach your date how to change the oil.

Temple Square

Go to the visitors center on Temple Square, watch the movies, learn about the history of the LDS church.

Musical Instruments

Sing a song with the guitar or piano or play any other instrument for each other.

Personality Test

Ever wonder if you and your date are really compatible? Find out what the experts think by taking an online personality test. The Meyers-briggs test, for instance, not only tells you which of the 16 personality types you are, but also gives you suggestions of what kind of jobs are for you and which people you are compatible. You might find out more about your date than you would by just talking to them. If you aren't too serious, then you can always have a fun group date with the funnier tests like "which fruit would you be" or "what kind of parent are you" or "what is your intellectual IQ?"