Unusual/Other Dates

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Reading Trip

Go to a bookstore, each pick an interesting book and read them to each other.

Gingerbread Houses

It doesn't have to be Christmas time to make gingerbread houses. See who can make the best house.

Kid Olympics

Put on an Olympics for little kids.

Quilt Making

Go to your local fabric store and get some tips on how to make a quilt. Then use it to watch a movie and cuddle!

Caramel Apples

Make caramel apples, it is just as good and a lot more fun!

Cultural Food

Make a homemade dish from a different country and get a taste for their culture.

Breakfast For Dinner

Make your date breakfast for dinner.

Pumpking Carving

Make your own designs on a piece of paper and then carve them into pumpkins.


Dress up like clowns and be in a parade.

No Talking

Go on a date where neither of you can communicate verbally (this might not be too hard in some situations).

Progressive Dinner

Have a progressive dinner with a group of friends where each couple is in charge of a certain portion of the meal.

Fondue Party

Have a fondue party with a big group date.

Egg Parachuting

Get eggs and make parachutes for them. Then throw them off a building or a cliff. See who’s parachute keeps the egg from breaking.

Homemade Ice-cream

Make homemade ice-cream together and try coming up with your own unique flavor.

Start a Garden

Start some seeds in plastic cups and see who's grows faster.


Dress up like a robber and “kidnap” your date. Rush in with a group of friends stealing him or her away to some fun activity.

Soap/Wood Carving

Have a soap or wood carving contest. If you use wood be sure to get a soft wood so it can be easily carved.

Bow and Arrow

Go into the woods and get flexible sticks. Get bailing twine or some kind of strong small rope and make bows. Then have target practice with them.


Make a piñata together and then break it with a group of friends.

Stove Marshmellow Roasting

Roast marshmallows over your stove and make delicious smores. See who can make the perfect one!

Treasure Hunt

Set this up beforehand, writing clues on pieces of paper and leaving them all around town. Each clue should lead to the next, and at the end a grand prize. You’ll have a blast driving around! It’s best if the places and clues are meaningful to the two of you.


Go to an elementary school playground and play tag or swing on the swings.

Celebrity Date

Have everybody dress up like a different celebrity.

Flaming Hockey

Soak your tennis ball in gasoline, light it on fire and play in a parking lot.

Around The World Ping-Pong

This requires more than 2 people. Each person hits the ball once and then runs around to the other side of the table to hit it again. If the ball is missed just once you are out.

Water Balloon Fight

Be sure to wear your swimsuits for this one, every couple for themselves.

Hide & Go Seek

Get a group together and play hide and go seek in a park. Click above to find the nearest park to you.

Skittle Bowling

Get a bag of skittles and make each color represent something different (ex: red=spin three times before bowling etc). Click above to find the nearest bowling alley.

Three Legged Soccer

Play three-legged soccer against other couples.


Put a towell over the ice block and slide away down the hill. Click above to find a park near you.

Water Balloon Volleyball

Grab some towells and play water balloon volleyball.

Moving Van Party

Have a party in the back of a rented moving van, include decorations.

Costume Party

Have a costume dance party.

Test Drive Cars

Go to a dealership and test drive a car you've been eying. If you want to spice it up a bt act like you are engaged or married.

Dollar Date

Go on a date where you can’t spend more than a dollar. The possibilities are endless!

Rock Skipping Contest

Have a rock skipping contest at a lake!

Make Treats For Friends

Make treats and take them to your friends or neighbors. To spice it up put them on the door step, ring the doorbell and run away.

Candlelight Dinner

Make or buy dinner and have it in a secluded place by candlelight.

Make A Movie

Interview people on video, or make your own movie then post it on YouTube.

Marshmellow War

Buy PVC pipe and cut them into two foot lengths. Buy small marshmallows and shoot them at each other.

Sidewalk Art

Buy some chalk and draw pictures on the sidewalk. Write messages to people who will be walking by.

Boat Race

Sail paper boats down a canal. Use crayons on the bottom to make them waterproof.

Egg Rolls

Race hard boiled eggs down a hill.

Pool Hop

Pool hop from complex to complex seeing how many you can hit in one day.

Paper Airplanes

Make paper airplanes and see whose goes further.

Ring Shopping

Pretend like you are getting married and go shop for rings.

Toe Painting

Paint pictures using only your toes.

Whipped Cream Fight

Have a whipped cream fight using the cans to spray each other.

People Watch

Go people watching and just observe how people act around each other.


Buy a coloring book and crayons and have a coloring contest.

Sound Scavenger Hunt

Have a sound scavenger hunt with tape recorders. Race against other couples.


Send your date an anonymous reserved seat ticket to some event, and when they arrive sit down next to them.

Deliver Yourself

Have yourself delivered to your date in a box.

Garage Sale/Ebay Date

Go garage sale hopping and try to find the best deals then sell them on Ebay. Use the money you make on your next date.

Spaghetti Dinner

Eat spaghetti dinner with your hands tied behind your back or tied to the person next to you.