Games/Indoor Dates

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Find a local music group that you both enjoy and go to one of their concerts together. Click above to get more info on concerts.

Model Car/Plane

Buy a model car or plane kit and make it together!

Homemade Ice-cream

Make homemade ice-cream together and try coming up with your own unique flavor.

Make Pizza

Make homemade pizza creating any type of pizza you want.

Soap/Wood Carving

Have a soap or wood carving contest. If you use wood be sure to get a soft wood so it can be easily carved.

Stove Marshmellow Roasting

Roast marshmallows over your stove and make delicious smores. See who can make the perfect one!

Treasure Hunt

Set this up beforehand, writing clues on pieces of paper and leaving them all around town. Each clue should lead to the next, and at the end a grand prize. Youíll have a blast driving around! Itís best if the places and clues are meaningful to the two of you.

Miniature Golf

Play a round of miniature golf. Click above to find the nearest location.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a great dating activity. Click above for more info on Laser Tag.

Broom/Pillow Hockey

Play hockey with a broom indoors. Also try playing with a volleyball and pillows.

Around The World Ping-Pong

This requires more than 2 people. Each person hits the ball once and then runs around to the other side of the table to hit it again. If the ball is missed just once you are out.


Playing croquet is a great group date activity. To spice it up a bit thry playing at night with flashlights.

Relay Games

Play a number of different relay games with your date competing against other couples.

Utah Jazz Game

Go support your local NBA team by going to a Utah Jazz game. Be sure to dress up with the right colors! Click above for more info.

Water Balloon Fight

Be sure to wear your swimsuits for this one, every couple for themselves.

Tumbling Gym

Get a big group together and rent out a tumbling gym (it actually doesn't cost that much) and let the good times roll! Click above for more info.

Roller Skating

Show off your roller skating moves. Click above for more info on roller skating.

Hide & Go Seek

Get a group together and play hide and go seek in a park. Click above to find the nearest park to you.

Skittle Bowling

Get a bag of skittles and make each color represent something different (ex: red=spin three times before bowling etc). Click above to find the nearest bowling alley.


This is a great way to take out some stress on your date. Click above for more info.


Playing pool can be a great way to relax and create good conversation on a date. Click above for more info.

Three Legged Soccer

Play three-legged soccer against other couples.

Game Center

Go to a game center and compete against your date or another couple. Click above for more info.

Go Dancing

Go dancing at one of the local dance clubs. Click above for more info.

Donate Blood

Donate blood at a local blood bank.

Watch a Movie

Go to the theater or rent a movie. Click above for more info on local movie theaters.

Dollar Movie

Go to the dollar movie theater. Click above for times and more info.

Paper Airplanes

Make paper airplanes and see whose goes further.


Buy a coloring book and crayons and have a coloring contest.


Send your date an anonymous reserved seat ticket to some event, and when they arrive sit down next to them.

Play Board/Card Games

Gather a group of people and play games together.

Personality Test

Ever wonder if you and your date are really compatible? Find out what the experts think by taking an online personality test. The Meyers-briggs test, for instance, not only tells you which of the 16 personality types you are, but also gives you suggestions of what kind of jobs are for you and which people you are compatible. You might find out more about your date than you would by just talking to them. If you aren't too serious, then you can always have a fun group date with the funnier tests like "which fruit would you be" or "what kind of parent are you" or "what is your intellectual IQ?"

Mexican fiesta

Everyone meet up and make mexican food with mexican music in the background. You can possibly hire some mariachies if you want. Have a fiesta. After dinner, make pinatas with your date and stuff them with candy and then everyone hits them open and enjoys. After all of that, you watch Nacho Libre or another Mexican Classic!